Annual Dues – 50% Penalty.

  • Dues payable after 4/30/19

    Your membership has lapsed. We can still accept your late payment through May 2019. You will be assessed a 50% membership dues penalty. After May 2019, reinstatement will be subjected to BBC Board approval and will be assessed a 100% membership dues penalty. All penalties are in addition to the normal membership dues and are included in the amounts below:
  • Pick One:

  • Includes 50% Late Pay Penalty
  • $0.00
  • This year we are requiring you to list a copy of your registration info for both your watercraft and trailer (if you own a trailer). If you no longer own any type of watercraft, then under Article VI, Section 2, we are asking you to register as a social member.

    If you have a new vessel for 2018 that you will be using at the Bay Boat Club, include a copy of the registration for boat and trailer
  • Please leave a note to the BBC Board