Card Replacement.

  • Gate FOB Rental Deposit - Current rules allow for the Gate App or FOB - NOT BOTH

    We will allow you to rent your gate FOB free of charge for as long as you choose. There is a $50 deposit required for us to issue and set up your new gate FOB. There is more information on the gate FOB on our website under "New Member and Waiting List Information"
    By checking the box the Member agrees to the following: The Member HAS NOT signed up for the gate app. If the Member checks this box and it is subsequently found the Member has both the app and FOB, the member WILL be subject to a disciplinary action by the Bay Boat Club Board of Trustees.
  • Fees

    Required $50 Deposit
  • $0.00
    By checking the box and paying the rental deposit, we hereby agree as follows: 1. That the gate FOB will only be used by a good standing member of Bay Boat Club, or a member's immediate family within the same household. 2. Member or member's immediate family will not lend out, or cause the gate FOB to be used by anyone outside of the member's immediate household, excluding an emergency condition/situation. 3. Any non-allowed use of the gate FOB may subject the member to either a disciplinary action, or expulsion from membership at the Bay Boat Club. 4. The Bay Boat Club only insures the FOB will work upon its initial receipt, but DOES NOT guarantee its continued operations. So if the FOB becomes inoperable or lost, then you will need to pay another FOB deposit amount, in order to receive another gate FOB.