• Kayak Storage Agreement - Regular Members (Not Social) Only

    This part of the facility is run like a Marina. You can rent your slot each year guaranteed, provided the renewal is paid no later than 4/15/19 11:59:59 p.m. and you are in compliance with the Rules and Regulations of Bay Boat Club. In the event you allow payment date to lapse then your slot is lost and goes to a waiting list based on first come first serve. We also reserve the right to move other paid members into your lapsed slot.
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  • Rental Storage Waiting List Agreement Details

    Preliminary agreement for annual waiting list renewal of rental storage of rack for Full Year April 16, 2024 to April 15, 2025.

    "Please note: Until April 15th, there is only one slot per membership, and on a first come first serve basis, unless you rented slots in the most recent year. In the event we have open slots after the rack waiting list has been exhausted, members then can order as many slots as are available.."

    Applicant by completing and submitting this agreement, having read it and agreeing to be bound by its items and conditions: Applicant shall pay once offered, in addition to his or her BBC membership fee, a online storage fee of $70(full year). A current Ohio License must be affixed properly to the watercraft as appropriate while on BBC property Applicant will agree to store watercraft only in the assigned rack location and to adequately secure craft to prevent dislodging in high winds. If dislodging I damage occurs, damage to other watercraft will be considered the liability of the craft owner who failed to adequately secure his I her watercraft. Applicant will agree to assume all risks incident to or in connection with the rental and use of the rack storage rack and shall be solely responsible for all accidents or injuries of any kind. Applicant will further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bay Boat Club, Inc, its Officers and Trustees from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses resulting from the rental and use of the rack storage according to this agreement. Applicant agrees to affix a BBC annual sticker to his/ her watercraft

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