We are a non-profit public club that provides small boat launching facilities to our members in Bay Village, Ohio. The club is open to any Bay Village resident who owns a watercraft.

Please click on the link below to purchase (limited quantity)

Click Here to Purchase a Bay Boat Club Flag Burgee

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*You will need a password to upload documents

******************VERY IMPORTANT***************

DEADLINE: February 1, 2022

Please be aware in order to complete your annual renewal:

Category 1 (trailerable): You will need to provide us with a copy of BOTH your Watercraft State Registration and Trailer Registration.

Category 2 (paddle-craft): You will need to provide proof of ownership, or Watercraft State Registration if registration decal is required.

If you do not have it, then you will need to obtain a copy.

For Ohio Watercrafts please Click Here

For Ohio Trailers please Click Here

Once you have your Registration Proof you can begin your RENEWAL by CLICKING HERE


  1. Annual Membership Renewal Until – Feb 1
  2. Annual Rack Rental Renewal Until – Feb 1
  3. Annual Waiting List Renewal for current list holders – March 1 until March 31
  4. New Waiting List Signup period – April 1 until June 30
  5. 50% Penalty Annual Membership Renewal – Feb 2 until Feb 28
  6. Annual Membership Renewal closed – Feb 28
  7. New Waiting List Signup closed – June 30

We ask that you only use the form below, or email directly at bayboatclubmembers@gmail.com to inform us of important or urgent matters.  

PLEASE NOTE: Our membership and waiting lists will close as of June 30, 2021.  We ask that you please click and read our “New Member and Waiting List Information” in our main menu, as we will no longer answer any inquires in regards to new membership questions, waiting list questions, or club availability.

For information concerning new membership or waiting list procedures, please see our “New Member and Waiting List Information” page from our menu or:

click here: https://www.bayboatclub.org/new-member-and-waiting-list-information/

IMPORTANT Coast Guard Requirement for 2021 (click to review)